When we were in Orlando at the “Proclaim 17”  National Religious Broadcasters conference, we happened to meet Lee Strobel while he was doing a book signing. We made a connection because we have grandsons with the same name.

I told him of my grandson asking for something to read on his way home from our Christmas together. When I showed the 15yo what I had on the bookshelf, he picked up The Case for Christ  and said with excitement: “Is this apologetics?”

I was surprised he knew what it meant. And he took it with him.

As soon as we are together again, I have an autographed copy for him!       


We also saw the first public showing of the movie by the same name at NRB.

The movie tells the story of how as an atheist and a young newspaper reporter  in Chicago, Lee Strobel began a search to prove the resurrection of Christ to be false after his wife became a believer.

The movie is being released this week and will be in movie theatres near you.

Take a friend with you!