Whether it’s this week or last for National Volunteering Week, volunteering is never out of style. And is always timely.

I commented this morning on my daughter’s blog  about volunteering at a local bird rescue  place. Her account of their visit did sound fascinating and the baby emus were so cute.

I volunteer weekly through our church’s Adopt-a-School program to mentor a child.

As a Sunday school teacher, it’s hard to say which age group I enjoyed most. I taught first graders for 6 years, 6th  grade girls for 7 years, and pre-school for another 7 years. I was also a Girl Scout leader for 7 years. (Do I detect a pattern here?)

Well mainly, I enjoy young people and nobody more than my own grandchildren, of course!

This week, I’ve abandoned poor hubby with a refrigerator stocked with plenty of leftovers to survive on while I volunteer for Dear Darling Daughter an hour away. She’s writing her second book with a due date fast approaching. So while she writes and edits, I am keeping the carpooling lanes hot with 3 kids at different schools with 3 different times for drop-off and pick-up.

Spending time with these fascinating young people who are growing up so-o-o fast is a treat and a privilege.

Today, I’ll feature the oldest who now has his learner’s permit and is driving Grammy’s car. He is also the model for the shepherd featured on the cover of Shepherd, Potter, Spy—and the Star Namer.