When we describe how an Israeli taxi dropped us at a Palestinian checkpoint, how we went through the checkpoint with “cash only”‘ for our Palestinian taxi and guide, it sounds kind of scary.  More-so in retrospect than it did at the time.  But God was watching over us in every part of our trip.
We learned that our guide who actually had heard of the English names for Jericho, Ai, Gilgal, and Gibeon was in the office when Bulldog husband called to make the arrangements, and said, “I can take that one.”  The office manager had no understanding of what we wanted to do.  Our guide had been a driver for an American journalist and also had lived in the U.S. for several years.  He was actually still on retainer as an in-country contact for that journalist when needed.  Also, he kept the appointment with us even though he had a call from a local radio station for an interview that morning.  All providential.
At Gibeon two young men appeared and walked along beside us on the summit of Gibeon.  Our guide talked with them in Arabic in friendly-sounding words, not just a greeting, but a sustained dialogue.
We were only scared about this later in the evening back at our basecamp when Dr. Bryant Wood was alarmed that we had gone to Gibeon.  He said he would have advised us not to if he had known where we were going.
We praise God for a wonderful trip, wonderful experiences and wonderful new insights for the fictional story of a Late Bronze Age shepherd boy and his family.