I’ve suggested this on this blog before and to whomever I’ve had the privilege of telling about my experience.401-img_2278

I wish I had heard this advice thirty years ago.

I wish I had acted on it wa-ay before 2010.

My friend who also went on a tour of Israel in 2010—a few weeks before we did—certainly enjoyed being in the Holy Land with a group of 600 and seeing so many landmarks she’d read about in the Bible. At the time, her comment was, “I wish I had done this at least ten years earlier.”

Me, too.

So, I urge you to consider this: If you are an ardent student of the Bible, a Bible teacher to others, whether children or adults, begin making plans now—no really, NOW!

You will not regret saving the price of one meal out of a week, or foregoing a few entertainment expenses to instead make a deposit into your going-to-Israel savings account.12/23/2016

I’m sure you can find exciting tour possibilities online. But let me tell you about the truly wonderful group of people we travelled with when we went in 2010.100-abr-team

Associates for Biblical Research. 

That’s me in the green hat, back row, third from left. George is in row two, third from right. (Actually, they photo-shopped me in because I was working at the pottery tent that day. Wasn’t that nice of them?)

They are an archaeological group who has conducted digs since 1999 at Khirbet el-Maqatir. At the place that meets all twelve of the descriptive phrases that describe Ai in the Bible.

They are right now in Israel again, finishing up their last dig at Khirbet el-Maqatir. Over the years they have uncovered many items that together make a compelling case for this site to be officially declared the ancient site of Ai. And thereby confirming the authenticity and reliability of the Bible.


cropped_me-at-digFour 5-day weeks are scheduled at the new dig site of Shiloh. Each week begins on Sunday with an evening orientation meeting at the Ritz Hotel in Jerusalem.

You can be there for one to four weeks at the dig. Weekend touring can be on your own. Other opportunities are TBD.

And there is a tour already scheduled for June 17-18 the week after the last week of digging. The Dig Director, Dr. Scott Stripling, will be the guide.

You really should check this out. If not for 2017, how about 2018?