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Mystery in Canaan Again: A Female Ruler in Bet Shemesh?

  Bet Shemesh Our nine neophyte archaeologists enjoyed a week of digging at Shiloh the week before. It was the last week of a four-week dig conducted by Associates of Biblical Research. Now, as promised, we have a week of touring the major archaeological sites and historical sights of Israel. And we might even cite a […]

  • October 3, 2017
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All Cleaned & Scrubbed: Returning from Mars!

MT SCOPUS PHOTO OP Sun, June 18. All cleaned and scrubbed and after sleeping in for the first time in over a week, our whole family went to Mt. Scopus to take pictures of family and of the five cousins with the Temple Mount and Old Jerusalem in the background. My granddaughter and I have an […]


I’ve suggested this on this blog before and to whomever I’ve had the privilege of telling about my experience. I wish I had heard this advice thirty years ago. I wish I had acted on it wa-ay before 2010. My friend who also went on a tour of Israel in 2010—a few weeks before we […]