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Nazareth First Century Living History Museum

From Megiddo we crossed the Jezreel Valley toward the northeast and came to Nazareth.     There we visited a first-century living history museum. Here is what my 11yo granddaughter// reported after her visit there: “I liked it when the weaver turned wool into thread. I also liked petting and feeding the goats. Also, the […]

Ancient History: At the Beach!

CAESAREA MARITIMA Mon June 19 We went to Cesarea Maritima on the coast.         Not Cesarea Philippi in the north at the foot of Mt. Hermon.               At C.M. we saw the place of Herod’s man-made harbor where St. Paul as a prisoner boarded a ship […]

All Cleaned & Scrubbed: Returning from Mars!

MT SCOPUS PHOTO OP Sun, June 18. All cleaned and scrubbed and after sleeping in for the first time in over a week, our whole family went to Mt. Scopus to take pictures of family and of the five cousins with the Temple Mount and Old Jerusalem in the background. My granddaughter and I have an […]

  • September 7, 2017
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Plausibility in Fiction is Like “Plasticity” in Design.

June 14_A TOUR WITH YARON SACHS From the Journal of our Trip to Israel, 2017 My specific goal for this day was to look for places where events of the struggle for power over Jerusalem would have/could have taken place. We met Yaron who does personal tours of Israel at a cafe on the Via […]