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A thirteen-year-old shepherd boy experiences the adventure he dreamed of when he rescues the unloved son of a despicable king. But when rumors of the Hebrews become reality, his family has to choose. Flee with the stampede of refugees or stay and take a stand? As a spy for Gibeon on a lonely crag above the Hebrew horde, the enemy looms ever more foreboding when they cross an impossibly flooded river and shout to bring down an impregnable walled city. Gibeon is next. Can his people avoid sure destruction? At what price?
“Historical fact…overlaid with creative imagination….make the ancient text alive…” Eugene H. Merrill, PhD, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Old Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary.


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peggy-consolver-study-guide-digging-deeper-into-historyDigging Deeper into HIStory

Inject adventure and excitement into Bible Study for teens: family devotions, youth group, school settings. Gain a deeper love for God s word through a thirteen-unit companion to Shepherd, Potter, Spy and the Star Namer. Immersed in the events of Joshua 9-10 and events of the Israelites’ last year of desert wanderings (O.T. Numbers-Joshua), read the holy text more closely. Add points of interest to a map of Canaan and visualize the historicity of Bible events. Follow internet links to reinforcement opportunities. Look at archaeological evidence. Compare and contrast reader’s life with the Late Bronze Age. Through YouTube, learn two ways to sling a sling stone, view a kayak crossing the flooded Jordan River, and explore the ancient border of Moab in the narrow 300-foot deep Arnon River Gorge’s raging waters. Short writing assignments inspire and motivate the student to read more and learn more.