My mother’s name was Dora Minrosa Jones Miracle. She hated her first name because there was someone on radio or in the cartoons called “dumb Dora.”

Her own family called her “Min’rose.” Her name was unique and so was she.

A roommate in college, on hearing my mother’s name, asked if she was Spanish. I don’t remember why I answered, “Yes, 1/3.”

No, my mother was not Spanish/Mexican, but I think I was irritated with my roommate at the time. (You know, an irritating question deserves an irritating answer.) Might have been when she got jelly out of my jar of jelly with A FORK. I was really torqued that time.

Oh well, this post is not about that, but my daughter who has a REAL blog says what she likes about blogging is she can write like she thinks. No editor to answer to. See her blog at Don’t get me started about how proud I am of her and her success as a blogger and the following she has.

OK, this blog is about CORNBREAD DRESSING. (Yesterday’s blog gave the recipe for Oklahoma Farmhouse Cornbread.)  This is the one we always had at Thanksgiving at my mother’s table. However, I’m pretty sure she did not have a written recipe. And I have not had a written recipe, so the measurements are approximate. Advance with caution.

I start with:
One-half recipe of cornbread.  This must be done ahead.

Minus the crusts, because hubby and I eat the crusts hot with a bowl of soup. Some years, I cook a pumpkin about Nov. 1 and make pumpkin/chicken soup by stewing chicken in the same water after cooking the pumpkin. This captures the color and nutrients of the pumpkin you would otherwise pour down the drain. (This year, I still have several 2-cup bags of pumpkin in the freezer, so it was plain chicken/vegetable soup.)

(Since I make two kinds of cornbread dressings, I use half for the Jalapeno      Cornbread Dressing without Jalapeno (our son’s favorite) and half for Sage Dressing (our daughter’s favorite.)

Butter an 8x10x3-inch deep Casserole Dish.

Crumble the cornbread, rather finely into the casserole dish. (Please, no big pieces like in some packaged dressings for which I saw a commercial this week of a Thanksgiving guest who had a fit that he did not get his preferred packaged dressing. I thought it was a sad commentary on society.)

Add one medium onion, chopped.
One cup chopped celery.
One heaping teaspoon Rubbed Sage.
1/4 teaspoon black pepper.
2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley, if you are feeling gourmet-ish.
2 cups chicken broth. Start with that much. If it is not moist enough to be a thick “batter,” add more broth, a little at a time, until it has the consistency of a thick batter.

At this point decide about salt: The cornbread has salt. Is your broth is salted? Taste your mixture. Add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon salt OR omit.

Whisk 2 large eggs. Add to dressing.

Bake at 375 degrees for 45-50 min. Top should be firm, beginning to brown.

Serve hot. With lots of Turkey Gravy!    And ENJOY!

Check my blog tomorrow to get a run-down on how to schedule the various dishes for serving every dish at its optimum temperature. It’s a challenge for sure!