As a first-time author, having someone, anyone, read my book felt like I was offering my own child as a sacrifice. Will they like it? Will they immediately point out the weak spots I know are there? Or have I gotten something totally wrong?

Recently, I purchased a bundle of reviews through a group of home school blogger moms called The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew. Almost all the responses were positive.

This one from a family of twelve children, (12!) was positively delightful!

“… [I]t was a good story to share with the older kids.  If you’ve got only little ones at home, get it for yourself as a grown-up treat!) … has such a tremendously exciting plot and such engaging characters that it is a page-turner … such a thought-provoking read–so rich with history, culture, faith, character development, and moral dilemma–that we couldn’t just keep turning pages to see what happened next.”

They had to stop and discuss the issues!

“… Can we make enemies into friends?  How?  Are humility and meekness attainable attributes in real life?  How do we graciously submit to authority?  Arranged marriages?!?  What price would we pay to know God?  Just what does it mean to put God before all else?

“These questions (along with others) and the resulting conversations were not directly raised by the text.  Shepherd, Potter, Spy–and the Star-Namer is not a preachy book.  It is simply such well-written and engaging historical fiction that we couldn’t help thinking and talking as we read the story …

“The night the kids put enough clues together about the red cord to identify Rahab and the Israelite spies, the kids actually jumped out of their seats with excitement.

“It was a very energetic reading session.

“Teens included! …

“I highly recommend Shepherd, Potter, Spy–and the Star-Namer as interesting historical fiction, as a thought-provoking spiritual journey, as an engaging retelling of a Bible story, and as an exciting adventure ….”

What mother doesn’t love to hear praise for the child of her heart?

Thank you, Anne at AFlyOnMyHomeSchoolWall. I can’t keep from smiling about your delightful family’s reaction to the scene in Jericho with Rahab. I wish I had been a fly on the wall that night!