Christmas--Ten Days Away? It's Baking Day!

Strawberry Bread in Star-Shaped Pan

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Christmas–Ten Days Away? It’s Baking Day!

Christmas is ten days away? (!) Where does the time go? This week we’ve taken another step into the world of high-tech modernization—we’ve ordered groceries on-line. We may be the last on the block to do so. Having my ankle in a cast after a bad sprain, it finally sounded like a necessity. Plus there […]

Jalapeno Cornbread Dressing … Without the Jalapenos

I found this recipe for Jalapeno Cornbread Dressing in the newspaper years ago, tried it, and loved it.  It’s Jalapeno Dressing if you start with Jalapeno Cornbread. I start with plain cornbread. But I keep the name as a warning, or heh, heh, to decrease the competition. My daughter and son-in-law recently told me we […]

Did You Know There’s a National Dictionary Day?

        It must be true, I heard it on the radio yesterday. National Dictionary Day. Who besides me would celebrate their dictionary? Maybe I’m not the only one after all! Here’s a post from August 16, 2016, to prove I could legitimately be a member of the dictionary celebraters anonymous. “Don’t you […]

Archaeology: The Shiloh Dig 2017 and Hand-Washing 101

15_SATURDAY, SABBATH, A DAY OF REST   I did hand washing in our room.   Eventually, wherever you are, mundane necessities of life show up. Hand washing 101 happened on this trip. Parents taught their offspring to dip, squeeze, dip, squeeze in soapy water. Then repeat in a basin/sink of fresh water: dip-squeeze, dip-squeeze. Then […]

The Hill of Evil Counsel

  After getting a glimpse of the Hinnom Valley, Yaron took us up on the Hill of Evil Counsel, a ridge-like hill across the Hinnom Valley to the south of Old Jerusalem. We drove along the summit/ridge from west to east past the offices of the United Nations Then past a lush green park until […]