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Realizations of a Baby Boomer First Waver!

While researching the possible title of a new book, I googled the title I’m considering. Nothing exact came up and that may be as close as I can get to ‘being original’. I’ve realized for several years that as a front-runner of the Baby Boomers, whatever I decide I need or want to do, it […]


I’ve suggested this on this blog before and to whomever I’ve had the privilege of telling about my experience. I wish I had heard this advice thirty years ago. I wish I had acted on it wa-ay before 2010. My friend who also went on a tour of Israel in 2010—a few weeks before we […]

God’s Protection & Provision

When we describe how an Israeli taxi dropped us at a Palestinian checkpoint, how we went through the checkpoint with “cash only”‘ for our Palestinian taxi and guide, it sounds kind of scary.  More-so in retrospect than it did at the time.  But God was watching over us in every part of our trip. We learned […]