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The Fearsome #5 (Psalm 139)

….And then there’s the last grandchild. Littlest to everyone for a long time—not so much anymore! The one who when asked at 4yo, “Do you like to be in charge?” answered, “Yes, I want to be in charge of everything!” And capable, caring hands she will be! Already she exhibits capacity for caring for and […]

You Just Blink and They’re Grown

This a continuation of yesterday’s blog about volunteering for grandkid duty at our daughter’s house. I remember as a kid when there were four of us still at home and how Mama was continually running someone to some lesson, sports practice, band or theatre rehearsal, or other school event. I had two children and school […]

Is It This Week? Did I Miss It?

  Whether it’s this week or last for National Volunteering Week, volunteering is never out of style. And is always timely. I commented this morning on my daughter’s blog  about volunteering at a local bird rescue  place. Her account of their visit did sound fascinating and the baby emus were so cute. I volunteer weekly […]


Oh, yeah. This is the stuff disaster movies are made of. You could wake up on Thursday and never know how close you came to total destruction. As I wrote Shepherd, Potter, Spy—and the Star Namer, I got more and more homesick for my childhood home. The farm on a hilltop where I experienced the […]