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“Lack of Evidence” Does Not Prove Your Point

We are so excited to be invited to this event  featuring a large exhibit of the most important artifacts discovered at Khirbet el Maqatir in all the years of digging by Associates of Biblical Research. (See Dr. Scott’s article, “Biblical Arhaeology Meets the Hatfields and McCoys.” We were privileged to participate in the dig in […]

Eleven Year Old Archaeologist of the Week!

DAILY JOURNAL OF TRIP TO ISRAEL, 2017 June 13, 2017 In the mid-1800s an archaeologists began questioning the strange flat-topped hills found throughout the Middle East. They discovered these are ancient man-made hills built by successive layers of civilizations. They have been described as a layer cake. Each layer is a different era and culture.   […]

Oh My! What a Lot of Pieces That Is …

Okay. Not finished yet. There’s more to do with my little piece of pottery I’ve become attached to for its connection to a person or persons just like me who lived over 3,000 years ago … going about her life of doing her work to provide food and comfort for herself and her family. Or […]

Amazing Stuff!

  12_POTTERY ROOM, JUNE 15 Reported to the Pottery Room.  9 am-12 and 1-3:30 I worked all day registering pottery found at the dig under the tutelage of Lou and Ann Klauder. Dr. Louis T. Klauder Jr. was pottery registration supervisor. One of my fellow workers was Destry Jackson, Norcature KS, who is famous with ABR for […]