THUR June 22

Jesus on the mount of temptation looked down on Herod’s palace and winter “country club” with the city of Jericho further down.

Satan took Jesus to the Mt. of Temptation and said, “I will make you ruler of all the world.” By their position, “higher than Herod”was implied.


It was Herod’s purpose to position the level of his palace above the commoners.

Sorry, Satan! Our God is an awesome God. He reigns over everything! From heaven on earth!


At Jericho’s dig by Kathleen Kenyon, 1950s: Family Picture in



same position as our pic of 2010.

Walls made of mud brick on top of Canaanite stacked stone made a ramp so the Israelites could walk straight up to enter the city of Jericho.


The Hebrews did not take any spoils of conquest as would be normal for conquering armies.

When excavated, a burn layer was discovered over 3 feet thick—evidence of a great conflagration. In the burn layer were jars full of grain with about the top 1/3 burned. Evidence the catastrophic destruction happened soon after barley harvest.


The litter of fallen mud brick had to be dug through to find the stacked-stone Canaanite walls on which the mud brick had been added. Evidence that the destruction of Jericho happened just as the biblical account says.

Here is an excerpt from Shepherd, Potter, Spy–and the Star Namer, my fictional account of the historic event of Joshua 6. The speaker is an eyewitness–one of the spies of Gibeon who watched over the Hebrews’ activities from a vantage point at or near the Mt. of Temptation approximately 1400 years before Jesus was born. The events from Deuteronomy through Joshua 8 took place before their eyes.

“Eskie … reached the spring, fell to his knees and … wept silently.

Wiping his eyes and drawing his hand down over his thin mustache and onto his chin stubble, [he] spoke. “Jericho is no more, Baba. The Hebrews marched around it seven times and stopped. When there was a mighty blast of the seven trumpets, the people shouted. Except for the trumpets, it was the first sound we heard from them in seven days.”

“And then?” Ishtaba reached out a hand to Eskie’s shoulder.

“Baba … the walls collapsed. Those walls, so beautiful in the morning sunlight, fell. They were so high and so strong, protecting so many people inside. The Hebrews shouted, Baba. Then the walls … collapsed. Fell outward.

“The plastered glacis, that no man could scale, was buried beneath an enormous amount of fallen mud brick debris. Before the dust settled, the Hebrews climbed the rubble and marched straight into the city. … Except for one small house on one portion of the wall that still stood. A few people were captured from that house and removed before the Hebrews set the whole city on fire….

“Baba, … Because of the fire raging behind me, I could see the path in front of me through the night.”

… To the others, Ishtaba breathed out his conviction. “It was not the Hebrews who brought down Jericho. Their God fights their battles for them, and my boy came home safely by the light of Jericho’s destruction.”  –Excerpt from Shepherd, Potter, Spy—and the Star Namer, The Carpenters Son Publishing, 2015.

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