#02,   June 7,  2017

We got to London just fine. Slept a little. One little one did not sleep much at all, it seemed.

I saw an interesting movie Growing Up Smith, about being an Asian Indian family in 1970’s suburban U.S.—culture shock is a very real thing.

With waiting time on our hands, we tried the King David Lounge for our first taste of Kosher on this trip.

I don’t remember much of the London to Tel Aviv leg of the trip on El Al, the Israel airline. The babies and I were tired. And we arrived after 10 p.m.

Customs was easy this time, though I worried a little about the fifty 50th Anniversary flashlight pens getting through customs. Inside my personal 1-gallon water jug for the dig I had packed 50 battery-operated flashlight pens to give to other members of the dig team. When I told our daughter I was taking them, she remarked, “I didn’t know I needed to take party favors.” (All the Magellan quick-wash-dry shirts, brimmed hats, gloves, hiking boots, zip-off-at-the-knee pants were already budgeted items.)

The “nesher” or “sheroot” community shuttle to Jerusalem provided the most “interesting” leg of this journey. We arrived at Ben-Gurion Airport at 9:30 p.m. and got to the shuttle by 10:30. Driver had to fill all ten seats before he would move which took until 11:30. Forty-five minutes to Jerusalem made it 12:15 a.m.

One hour delivering ten people to 8 different destinations.

We were the 6th stop. Every drop-off warranted a loud “discussion” mostly in Hebrew or Arabic between driver and passenger about where to make the drop. Cranky commentary on all this came from an octogenarian couple near the front.

Finally, 1:15, we’re checking in at our hotel and meet the most friendly, agreeable and gracious hospitality professional of the whole trip.

When he found out we were joining the ABR (Associates for Biblical Research) dig team, he beamed,

“Your breakfast is at 4:00 am!”