#01   June 6, 2017

I’m a “little” excited about this trip. For me, there is no question.

I could probably list forty-‘leven reasons I/we should not go to Israel. I have not considered any of them.

Of course, over the two years we’ve planned this trip I’ve heard untold numbers of news reports concerning the Middle East … and numerous reports concerning Israel and Palestine.

We are news junkies, actually. We record several news programs every day. Sometimes, if I don’t object, my dearest may watch all of them (sans commercials).

I, on the other hand, often refer to my evening news habit as my “news nap.”

One of the first reasons offered for not going to Israel is safety. Is it safe?

My travelling partner for 50 years.

So, I will list all the reasons I can think of that it is as safe as it possibly could be.

One: Israel really knows how to do security. Dearest got pulled aside for extra scrutiny twice in one line the last time we went. (Maybe it was the cargo pants. Or maybe it was his innate friendliness of making conversation with everybody, even the security personnel. We’ve heard since that this can be used as a distraction technique by travelers with things to hide.)

Two: Israeli Defense Forces are visible nearly  everywhere you go.                                                  Three: Staying home could be just as dangerous. You never know what Texas weather will do next week.                                                 Four: The probability of “something happening” driving on Central Expressway is likely higher than airline travel to any destination you can name.

As far as I can see, the pluses far outweigh the minuses.

Besides, #1 plus is God is watching over us.

P.S. Speaking of fear … Cause for a momentary startle: Rounding a curve in a transport bus at Heathrow/London and seeing vehicles hurtling toward me “on the wrong side of the road.”