Tues June 20

From Hazor, our touring group of archaeologists and volunteers from the dig at Shiloh (directed by Dr. Scott Stripling) journeyed farther north on the same morning to Tel Dan.

At the entrance to the Israeli National Park of Tel Dan we were greeted by one of its residents.

Tel Dan is beautiful for its lush forest at the foot of Mt. Hermon—the fabled old man mountain who always wears a capelet of snow.

A roaring stream of snowmelt presents a welcome sight as we trek up the trail to find  the very source of the Jordan River.

This is after days of landscape consisting mostly of dust, dirt, pebbles, rocks, stones and more rocks. All associated with the ancient stone buildings and its tall hills and medium mountains.  There is no lack of building material there.

No pic, but a broken stone wheel provided a stepping stone to cross a small stream. Imagine a bridge in the 23rd century across a small stream or river constructed of 20th century hubcaps and wheels.  😉

More pictures of Tel Dan from our 2010 visit there:

The entrance to the ancient city.  You can see the lower part is typical Canaanite stacked-stone wall with cut stones added by Hebrews when they took over the city.


Gates to these ancient cities are more than a door post set in a socket stone.// As in the Book of Ruth, Boaz went to the city gate where there were places to sit with others where city business was transacted.

Solomon built 6-chambered gates, like the one at Megiddo where his people conducted trade and levied taxes for passage through the ridge that Megiddo sits on.


Another picture of 2010 is of a derelict Syrian dirt mover. We were told it was abandoned in 1967 when they tried to divert the flow of water from Mt. Hermon to the Jordan River. Our guide told us few people know that the main reason for the start of the war of 1967 was to defend Israel’s rights to this water.



The Israeli national park provided a delightful ice-cold wading pool and nearby a new gift shop.

The frozen fruit bar was so excellent and excellently cold! Strawberry inside blackberry outside. Yum!