From Megiddo we crossed the Jezreel Valley toward the northeast and came to Nazareth.



There we visited a first-century living history museum.

Here is what my 11yo granddaughter// reported after her visit there:

“I liked it when the weaver turned wool into thread.

Woman is holding a fluff of wool and twisting it between thumb and forefinger as the weight pulls downward.

I also liked petting and feeding the goats. Also, the rooms where they showed you “stuff.”

[?? Tools, dishes, clothing. Anything like the juglet she found at the dig?]





Another part the First Century Village in Nazareth had  an olive press and the operation was described in detail.

1) A basket of olives were brought in and set on the stone base with a slot in the rim so the oil could run into a clay jar in position to receive the oil.

This is a different kind of weight than described.

The first weight was applied for a light crush to the basket-with-olives. The crumpled basket strained out all but the oil and is called the first rendering. Oil from this step is considered the purest oil and is used for an offering and for light in the temple.


2) For the second rendering, more weight was added to the basket, or possibly, a stack of baskets. With the medium crush, they got more extraneous material in the oil, perhaps pulp. The second rendering was used for cooking and other household uses such as medicines.

3) By the third rendering, a massive amount of weight is put on the basket/s-with-olives. Fruit and pits are pulverized. The third rendering has more debris and is used for lighting and household uses such as soap. The small oil lamps they used got quite dirty looking, blackened from burning the third-rendering oil.


In our previous trip to Nazareth on our 2010 tour, we visited the modern 20th century cathedral dedicated to Mary the mother of Jesus (Luke 2:26-38). Nearby we visited the site designated as the place where the angel Gabriel announced to Mary she would bear a son who would be called Jesus (v. 31), the Son of the Most High (v. 32), the Son of God (v. 35).


After visiting three amazing sites in one day, the hum of the touring bus acted as a sedative on the hour-and-a-half bus ride back to the hotel.