Continuing up the Mediterranean Coast,

we went to Megiddo. There was an amazing view all around.                                                 This is the area identified on Bible maps as Mt. Carmel. It’s actually part of a ridge, and Megiddo is at the gateway for easiest passage through the ridge. Elijah prayed there in l Kings 18:19.


In I Kings 4:12 Solomon increased his wealth by fortifying Megiddo w/his troops and his signature 6-compartmented city gate. Then he charged for passage on this major trade route that followed the coastline from Egypt to Syria.


Ancient water storage system at Megiddo similar to Gibeon’s.

Vistas from the top of Megiddo looking north into the Jezreel Valley have a strong resemblance to the views from Mt. Scott in southwest Oklahoma in the Wichita Mountain National Wildlife Refuge. Looking down, the valley is covered like a patchwork quilt of fields of golden grain, lush greens, and meandering waterways lined with trees.