We are so excited to be invited to this event  featuring a large exhibit of the most important artifacts discovered at Khirbet el Maqatir in all the years of digging by Associates of Biblical Research. (See Dr. Scott’s article, “Biblical Arhaeology Meets the Hatfields and McCoys.

We were privileged to participate in the dig in 2010 when we evidently were only scratching the surface.



A visit by a local.

The large cache of treasures shown in the YouTube video by Tommy Chamberlain, Assistant District Attorney of Pikeville, KT, now tells a rich history of this nondescript





location in the no-man’s-land  between Israel and the Palestinian West Bank.

Israeli Defense Forces were watching over us.



2010 ABR group. In 2017, the Shiloh group was over 100 strong.

I wonder what the Israeli Antiquities Authority thought when ABR first asked for authority to dig there.

Beit-Shean Tell in background. Roman city of the Decapolis in background

It was not a tell –one of those flat-topped hills that promises multiple civilizations lived there. ABR’s purpose was deeper than to “see what they could find.”

ABR’s purpose was to correct wrong thinking and wrong press specifically about the location of Ai from Joshua 8. Another place, a tell, was designated as Ai in early 20th century ...   by a noted archaeologist. When he was told the site satisfied only three of the twelve descriptions of Ai in the Bible, he quipped, “Well, we all know the Bible is not true anyway.”

Khirbet el-Maqatir is probably about 1-2 miles away from Tell Abraham.





No, some of us do not know that.

Again, a point cannot be proven by the “lack of evidence” alone. You may have looked in the wrong place, sir.

Come again to my next post to finish this story of the ongoing struggle for real truth with ABR.