A recent “fan of my website” contacted me with a request. Could I reference/recommend his website to my readers?

I can, but only with a caveat or warning. It’s a beautiful website with great information about all things pertaining to camping.

He said it was my study guide and a link to a site for basic fire-building instruction that captured his interest. There were two links, Smokey the Bear and REI.

Well, his website has much more information than the links I provided for the study guide. He discusses different types and sizes of campfires, plus safety tips, menus, suggestions for around-the-campfire games and stories, etc.

He also has an interesting discussion and link to the history of fire-making and evidence of the oldest known campfire found in a cave in South Africa.

It is a very interesting archaeological find, of course. And I’m a fan of archaeology!

It’s the interpretation of the find from an evolutionist’s point of view that I have reservations about.

So, if you want more information about camping and building a campfire, you’ll be delighted with the information you will find.

But if you’re a creationist, you will have to take the evolutionists’ interpretation of the first known campfire with a large dose of salt.

Maybe I can bring back some from the Dead Sea when we go there with our family this summer. Stay tuned for blogs about our trip and about the archaeological dig at Shiloh!