Sun, June 18.

All cleaned and scrubbed and after sleeping in for the first time in over a week, our whole family went to Mt. Scopus to take pictures of family and of the five cousins with the Temple Mount and Old Jerusalem in the background.

My granddaughter and I have an idea of a book we might collaborate on at some time in the future.      We would feature five teens                     returning from Mars where they had grown up in pioneer families. And during the trip back to Earth, the Rapture will take place. We’ll see.

So maybe, maybe some photoshopped version of the pictures MIGHT someday be on the cover of a novel.

Mt. Scopus is another disputed landmark in Israel.                            Our archaeologist guide and director of the Shiloh dig, Dr. Scott Stripling, said the place called Mt. Scopus on the maps is actually a continuation of the Mt. of Olives.  (We certainly experienced that on our first cab ride back to the Ritz Hotel on the Ramadan Friday, 060917.

Scott said the site of our Ambassador Hotel is the real Mt. Scopus named by Alexander the Great. But for over a hundred years the place directly north of the dome has been called Mt. Scopus, and will probably continue to be.

The name Mt. Scopus is from the Greek word “to scope.” Either place commemorates the spot where Alexander the Great stopped and scoped out his approach to Jerusalem in 350ish B.C.

Hmmm. The relationship between Alexander the Great and Israel is very interesting according to the links provided here. I hope to explore it more at some time in the future.

The question I have is: Did Alexander the Great worship the God of the Jews?