20_Sea of Galilee or Sea of Tiberias or Lake Kinnereth

Wed June 21

Have you experienced a day when ‘nothing much was happening’?


On a day much like one of those we’ve all experienced, two brothers, fishermen on the Sea of Galilee, looked at the facts.  The lake was low, fishing was bad.

Sea of Galilee in Background



But they kept working. Instead of giving up, one said to the other ‘something good will turn up from this’.

And it did. They found a 39-foot fishing boat.

From their keeping on at their daily task, perhaps struggling through doubts and discouragement, they made a startling discovery–a boat hidden under water, mostly buried in mud for 2,000 years.

In June 2017 we visited the modern museum dedicated to the preservation of their amazing find in 1986.

Recovering the wood preserved in sand and water for centuries was a monumental archaeological effort.  Bringing the fragile remains (“like wet cardboard”) to air, would dry it out and cause the valuable first century relic to disintegrate. They used Polymer foam to encase it and keep it moist.


After years of painstaking restoration, we are fortunate to have this piece of history preserved and on display.


On a day when two brothers were tempted to ask ‘what’s the point?’ something history-making happened.

They tell about that day with excitement for the discovery of the boat, but also with awe for what followed on the same day–a short downpour of rain that cleared to a beautiful rainbow.

Who knows? Perhaps Jesus rode in this very boat.